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IVY: The World's First Social University

IVY Travel provides access to an unforgettable series of adventure getaways and immersive cultural excursions around the world. These unique expeditions enable passionate globetrotters to expand their social, intellectual, and cultural horizons. Join fellow entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovative professionals and travel the world with IVY!

Upcoming IVY Getaways:

Previous IVY Getaways:

"Iceland was the best trip of my life. Period. The weather, the adventures, the planning, the people, the activities. Everything was incredible. [The team gave] exceptional attention to detail [and went out of the] way for each and every single event to ensure that everyone had a great time. [They were] meticulous and made sure that everything flowed smoothly... Thank you again to everyone involved in making this trip happen. I cannot state this enough: it was sincerely the best trip of my life.” ~ Geoff V., IVY Member


"Spent 5 days with this amazing group of people in Iceland snowmobiling on glaciers, climbing volcanos and sharing a lot of laughs. Can't wait to spend time with them all again! #IVYBoston #IVYIceland" ~ David L., IVY Member


"Words can’t describe how magical, how emotionally enlightening and how unifying the past weekend at the IVY summer camp getaway was. There were people of all ages, shapes, colors, and backgrounds living life to is fullest, but most impressively it was accomplished in unison. The camaraderie between everyone there was unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt... Thank you to everyone who joined this weekend journey for opening your hearts, for being kind and for just being you. And thank you to the IVY staff for working tirelessly, leading the way, and for being one of us." ~ Joe B., IVY Member

“IVY continues to impress with another successful event, this time Summer Camp 2016 at Club Getaway.  Adult summer camp at its finest with your typical camp activities paired with IVY's infamous themed parties and an open bar!  Left with lifelong memories and numerous new friends...” ~ Robert B.,  IVY  Member


"The IVY Cuba trip was incredible. It provided more than just the opportunity to explore the Havana and the Cuban culture by allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in every aspect of this unique country - from learning how to salsa to engaging in the local arts to becoming experts at making (and certainly taste-testing mojitos!). The IVY team did a fantastic job of organizing a jam-packed, special trip, allowing me to worry about very little and let myself enjoy every moment along the way. When you add the fact that I walked away with 40 friendships with interesting, accomplished people from around the country and it's hard to think of how it could've been better. I'd highly recommend this experience to others."


"Imagine a group of some of the most interesting people from different IVY cities, you might only know a couple people, but all share common interests, love to travel and know you can learn so much from an incredible experience. Throw in a new city or country, some signature drinks and an unforgettable time...THAT'S IVY TRIPS! By far the most fun I've ever had traveling with a group!"